So you want to organize your makeup collection.    So You've decided to buy Makeup Storage.  Great!  You look online. You compare prices.  Some are exspensive.  Some are cheep.   You say to yourself, "It's plastic".   Let me just go down to the container store and buy something.  STOP RIGHT THERE!   Here are three things you want to consider when buying acrylic makeup storage.


Crazing is the formation of microscopic cracks that appear within an acrylic material as a result of thermal or mechanical stress.


The average acrylic makeup organizer has walls with a thickness of 2cm or less.   Manufacturer's use thinner sheets of acrylic to keep the cost of production and shipping down for themselves and retailers.     What they don't tell you, is that this results in an overall weaker structure that can easily fall apart.  Loaded up with a large makeup collection, you'll quickly notice the drawers starting to bulge from the weight, and glue separating at the seams,   When purchasing an acrylic makeup organizer, look for beauty cases with thick walls (5cm or more) and heavier drawers. 


How many women do you know have one foundation and only three lip glosses?   I don't know any.  Too many organizers have SMALL drawers that don't allow for stacking your product.  A good drawer size should allow you to stack at least two containers of foundation or three levels of lipstick tubes.   We buy these beauty cases to keep our makeup organized and visible.  So look for a larger drawer depth.

Bonus tip:  Skip any Storage with a hinged lid.

The top drawer of your Makeup Storage should be open with no cover.  Anything else is a waster of material and thus your money.  Top shelves are ideal for brush holders or shelving all those ABH Glowkits and other palettes you own.   Pallets don't belong in drawer stacked on top of each other.  They should be stacked side by side on your top shelf where they are all more easily viewed.

When your ready, take a look at our luxuriously thick makeup organizers here.